Ambassador Bunker and the Tet Offensive of 1968

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By Bob Hall Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Vietnam from 5 April 1967 to 11 May 1973, wrote lengthy monthly reports to Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Bunker wrote a final report to President Johnson on the President’s last days in office, on 16 January 1969. It ran to 56 pages. In it, Bunker … Read More

Tet ’68 in Phuoc Tuy: Impact on communities

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By Bob Hall and Andrew Ross Phuoc Le village, better known as Baria, was the Phuoc Tuy Province capital. It and the neighbouring village of Long Dien, bore the brunt of the Tet Offensive attacks in Phuoc Tuy Province in February 1968. This article describes these two towns and the impact of the Tet Offensive on them. Baria Baria had … Read More

Baria, Tet ’68: Province Senior Advisor Report – February 1968

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By Bob Hall Each month the Province Senior Advisor (PSA) in each of the Republic of Vietnam’s 44 provinces submitted a detailed report up the chain of command. These reports assessed the political and psychological, security and economic situation in their province. They provided a qualitative evaluation of the previous month’s developments and so, form a useful complement to the … Read More