29 May 2015 at 09:13 #1060

That incident has been in my memory forever! On the night I was asleep on the 5th floor of the Canberra BEQ (My room opened onto the balcony) when I heard automatic fire! I thought “that sounds like an AR (Automatic Rifle L2A1), the cook on guard at the front door of the hotel has an AR, the cook on the front door is firing his AR!!!!!!!!”

After rolling out of bed, I grabbed my M2 carbine and .38 revolver (why I had these unauthorised weapons is a story for another time!) and headed out onto the balcony.

Lying flat on my belly I looked around and saw that the floor was covered in Sigs, all trying to peer under the balestrade to see what was going on? The AR was still popping off so a couple of us decided to have a quick look over the balastade, just as we started there was a SWOOSH BANG! as an RPG, fired from across the street, hit the barrels of concrete in front of the hotel and bounced up off the anti-grenade netting on the lower floors and exploded sending a rush of hot gases up the front of the hotel!

A CPL said “right, only people with weapons can stay on the balcony”, nobody moved, all 10 Sigs had their private, illegal weapons in their shaky sweaty hands!

As true brave warriors we left it up to Infantry guards to continue and went back to bed!!