V Coy car (4)

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  1. 1 Pl V3 Coy 4 RAR/ NZ captured this car not far from Courtenay Rubber hidden deep in bush. ft We thought it belonged to high ranking NVA. Plate number NVA 006. It had several bullet holes in rear windscreen and some in rear doors. It was dragged from hiding posse and lifted back to the Dat to V Coy. We managed to crank it and wouldn’t run so it was handed over to RAEME who had it going in short time. Painted pink it was handed over to our lovely nurses at 1 Aust Fd Hosp as their own personal staff car. We saw it a couple of times near Badcoe Club when we had a few hours R in C. The nurses loved to chat about the origin of their car and we were very happy to chat to a lady – Didn’t see many while in country or at jospital for malaria treatment All over good story and pleased to give our nurses some wheels to get about. By all accounts they loved it. 3 Sect 1 Pl V3 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Bn 68/69 Issy

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