Dr. Mervyn Roberts is a History instructor at Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas as well as Reserve Adjunct at the Joint Special Operations University in Tampa, Florida. Mervyn’s dissertation, “Let the Dogs Bark: The Psychological War in Vietnam 1960-1968,” uses GIS data sets to help analyze PSYOP effects during that period. This data includes the Hamlet Evaluation System, Viet Cong Initiated Incidents file and Terrorist Incident Reporting System file. Mervyn has served 30 years in the US Army, most recently as First Sergeant for the 345th PSYOP Company. He served two tours in Afghanistan as a PSYOP Specialist and speaks Dari and Farsi.



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  • “History of the 345th PSYOP Company,” 16-minute documentary, script and video editor.

Papers and Presentations

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  • “Visualizing the Vietnam War: Using GIS to Analyze Psychological Operations.” Graduate Student Exhibition, University of North Texas, March 2014.
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