• Luke Johnston posted an update 8 years, 11 months ago

    @bobhall Well done mate. This is fantastic. I presume Amy has weaved some incredible magic on the database. My apologies for being so slack on Lavarack data extraction.. i’ve had my hands incredibly full beginning not long after we met up. It’s still on the ‘to do list’ if it’s still something you’d like done!! Things settling down now. QUick question, have you guys allowed for the datum shift between Indian 1960 and WGS84? Jsut cross referencing to see the accuracy of my own points for 3RAR 68. Cheers LJ

    • Hi Luke, Yes, we’re still interested in the Lavarack data, but fully understand the pressures that life brings. I’m pretty sure that Amy has catered for the datum shift but I’ll leave that to her to explain – it’s way beyond my competence!

    • Hi Luke,

      Our offline GIS has everything stored in UTM with the 1960 Indian Datum. To put things into our web-based system, I’ve converted the data to Web Mercator projection WGS84 datum. Probably the easiest thing for you to do, if we want to integrate the Lavarack data into the whole GIS is to provide coords in MGRS. I can then bring them in as UTM and do the translation for the web GIS. That way all data have been processed in exactly the same way.

    • Hi guys, great to hear from you and see the fruits of all the hard work. it truly is a fantastic resource. Yeah I’ll get onto Laverack as I’m really nearing all I can ascertain from Alpha 3RAR first tour (as well as the context on infinite ranges of scales). Everything else is coming to order at the same time. yeah Amy i guessed as much, I’ve had to do similar for all my A/ 3RAR records, just checkin’ 🙂 With the Laverack stuff of course it makes sense to strip it in straight MGRS so will do. For some reason I’m now much more inspired to do so lol!Well done

      • Out of interest, is it possible to extract data from the database or ‘request’ certain slices..or do you prefer to keep it tight? Either way understand reasoning as I work with sensitive data every day. Reason I ask is I’m now diong bits and pieces of research for 1ATF servicemen and / or family members and offering the chance to take them to sites of significance over there (or snap pics/vid of the sites as they are now when I’m there- i travel regularly and speak Viet etc so can give em a pretty good experience). Of course for unit day to day movements etc there’s still the diaries but it would save me a bit of work to have access to certain slices of the database if they are more interested in contacts/incidents 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Hi Luke, we don’t give out access to the raw data but there’s no reason why you and your tourists can’t access the site while in Vietnam. One of the reasons why we wanted to include Google street map in the map selection was so that people could use the site in Vietnam to visit the sites of battles where they can pay respects to those of both sides who lost their lives.

          • Yeah that’s fine mate. I completely understand. I have my own datasets that i’ve converted for use over georeferenced topos and sat images on the fly (android). Just as people ask I collect more datapoints to add to it as necessary. I’ll keep on with the manual method it’s cool! Cheers