V Company and the Captured Car

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By Noel Hains In 1968-69, Victor Company (and W Company), Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment was attached to 4RAR creating 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC).  While on Operation Capital II near the Courtenay Rubber Plantation in the north of Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam, a Victor Company forward scout saw something that looked out of place in the thick scrub in front of … Read More

Keeping Troops in the Field Part 3: Resupply

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Bob Hall and Andrew Ross  The system and frequency of resupply affected the soldier’s load. The length of the gap between resupplies determined how many days of rations and water the soldier was required to carry. The ability to deliver an emergency resupply of ammunition when necessary could also influence the ammunition load the soldier carried. Background Counterinsurgency operations in … Read More

The Operation Wandering Souls Project

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The Operation Wandering Souls project aims to reciprocate the help given to Australia by assisting Vietnam to locate those of its MIAs who died in battle against Australian and New Zealand forces. This would allow the souls of their MIAs to find rest.