Now’s the time to record your place in history

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Now that COVID-19 is confining us to our homes, you may be finding that you’ve got time on your hands. One way of making good use of that time is to help make the Australia’s Vietnam War website the best it can be. Here’s some things you can do:

  • Scan your old photographs and upload them to the website direct using the upload system accessed at the top left corner of the ‘battle map’ screen. If you run into problems doing that, just email your scans through to us and we’ll upload them for you. Make sure you give us a caption for each image and if they can be linked to a specific site, tell us what it is.
  • You can do the same with your diary (if you kept one), or letters home. Scan them and send them through to us and we’ll edit them and put them up on the website.
  • Find the contacts you were involved in and use the ‘community notes’ capability to write what you remember about the incident.
  • If you were a loggy at Nui Dat or 1ALSG, a RAAF ground crewman, an Able Seaman, worked in Saigon, or served in any other capacity, we want to hear from you too. Write an email to us about your experiences and send us your photos, excerpts from your diaries and letters, etc. You can use your mobile phone to record a digital audio file that you can send to us if you’d prefer to talk rather than write. We want to tell the whole story of Australians and New Zealanders in the campaign.
  • If you have an artefact ‘liberated’ from the enemy that you’d like us to return to Vietnam to be reunited with a Vietnamese family, you can contact us about that too.

Our aim is to make the Australia’s Vietnam War website the best possible source of information about the campaign. We can only do that with your help. Now that we’re all ‘confined to barracks’ courtesy of COVID-19, we’ve maybe got some time to spend on recording our part in history.

Stay in good health.

Regards, Bob.

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