Battle Map Upgraded and Plans for 2016

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February 2016 Release Notes and SITREP

1. New website features

We’ve redesigned the battle map with a more modern look and to make it easier to use on mobile devices. It continues to show the same level of detail as before, but with the enhanced interface, the many planned upcoming features are now possible.

The most significant enhancement in this release is the ability for registered users to digitally upload images and videos. As of now, you can upload your photographs, videos, digital audio and scanned images. This new feature allows you to:

  • Upload your digital images.
  • Link them to a combat incident or a known location on the battle map (for example, the water tower in Baria).
  • Link them to the website if you can’t recall the specific location shown in the image. Other people using the website may be able to help identify where/when the image was taken and identify people in it.
  • Add tags and a caption, to aid future discovery and so future visitors can search for the image by keyword.

2. How to upload images and videos

  1. Login or register for an account
  2. Open the Battle Map
  3. Click the media upload button at the top-left:
  4. Follow the instructions for each step that follows:
    1. Drag and drop files onto the area that appears. Click Next.
    2. Choose a location. Click one of the three options that appear and follow the instructions for each. The location is important – when a user moves the centre of the map near the point you chose, your photos/videos will be shown.
    3. Set metadata. Metadata fields are optional, however the more detailed you are, the easier it will be to find your media in the future. When entering tags, you can either select from the list or create your own by entering a word and pressing ‘Enter’.
    4. In the final step, your files are uploaded. If any errors occur, please copy any error messages that appear and send them to us via Feedback.

2.1. Important notes

Uploaded images and captions will be moderated by the moderating panel and must comply with the website’s Terms of Use.

This image upload capability is your opportunity to contribute to the website. Please scan and upload your images and encourage others to do the same.

Once uploaded, you cannot currently change the location or properties of media you upload. This will be enabled in a future release.

3. New features in the pipeline

We have been working behind the scenes on new developments to the website that we expect to launch this year.

3.1. For launch in the next few months

  1. Additional data about 1ATF combat incidents. We will add about 2000 additional combat incidents to the website. These are mainly artillery and air strikes. We’ll also add much more detail to each of the existing 4665 combat incidents. This additional information will include:
    1. Force ratio
    2. Loss ratio
    3. Range of engagement
    4. Shots fired per casualty inflicted
    5. Other details such as captured weapons, which side fired first and other data.
  2. Biographical sketches and photographs of each of the 521 Australians and 32 New Zealanders who died during the war. These will be linked to the combat incident in which the battle casualties died, or to the unit location if the person was a non-battle casualty.

3.2. For launch later in the year

  1. Over 500 combat incidents involving the 1RAR battalion group from May 1965 through to June 1966. We have already collected this data. We’re now adapting it for display on the website and to provide similar analytic capabilities to those we currently provide with the 1ATF data.
  2. Over 450 Australian Civil Affairs projects in Phuoc Tuy Province.
  3. Social data on about 150 villages in the Province.
  4. All RAN operations in Vietnam, including HMAS Sydney and other logistic ships, RAN naval gunfire support throughout Vietnam, the operations of the RAN Helicopter Flight and the RAN Clearance Divers. We will also be able to display all naval gunfire missions in Phuoc Tuy Province whether by RAN ships or by the US or Vietnamese naval vessels.
  5. All RAAF operations including operations of 9 Squadron RAAF (Iroquois helicopters), 35 Squadron (Caribous) or 2 Squadron (Canberra bombers).

We are excited to bring you these latest enhancements and we look forward to seeing what media is contributed to the site in the coming days. We are keen to hear your feedback, so please contact us if you have any suggestions or comments.

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